Potchefstroom History

Potchefstroom HistoryPotchefstroom HistoryPotchefstroom History
Potchefstroom HistoryPotchefstroom HistoryPotchefstroom History


Potchefstroom as a popular tourist destination has many exciting activity options for visitors to this beautiful.

Activities range from thrilling to the more sedate depending on what you seek.

When in doubt always contact the local tourism office who will be more than happy to help with recommendations to suit your needs.

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Potchefstroom History

Potchefstroom was the first settlement north of the Vaal River in the famous "Voortrekkerland." Because of its favourable geographical features like the Mooiriver, its rich ground water and farming land, Potchefstroom became the most important town in the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek.

Before A.H Potgieter founded Potchefstroom, tribal settlements under "Silkaats and Bataung" roamed over the "West -Transvaal" today called North West.

There are two indicators that let us to think that Potchefstroom was founded in 1838. The first is that of Barend Swart the oldest inhabitant of Klerksdorp which claimed that Potchefstroom was founded on 22 December 1838. The second indicator is that farms was given out in 1838 -Article 6 of the Volksraadsnotule, d.d Pietermaritzburg, 8 October 1841. Not much was done for two years, a few houses erected and most of the settlers still livening in their wagons, described by an East India Company officer: Kinloch on his visit in 1840.

The first place that the local The Commission decided to build on was a disaster because it was done on a wet land and when it rained it wood flood because of poor draining, today this place is known as "Oudedorp". On 26 November 1841 they decided to move 11km down river from Oudedorp. This movement was done under P.F Strydom and Governor J.H. Grobler: the oldest known Governor of Potchefstroom. Land was given to everyone older than 16 years and farms was made parallel to the Mooiriver.

The name of Potchefstroom

The name of the town differs in different documents and was spelled in different ways like:

Potcherfstroom, Potscherf Stroom, Potsherffstroom, Potchefspruit and Potchefstroom. Because the town was next to the Mooiriver it was also called Mooirivier or Mooirivierstown. One of the reasons that the name Potchefstroom was written differently was because of the poor language skills of the people of that time. Look at the Notule of the Volksraadvergaderings 1841 - 1850,

The spelling of the name like it is today: Potchefstroom was first spelled by J. Bodenstein on 22 June 1942.

From 1851 - 1860 the word Potchefstroom was used 253 times, 80 times more than any of the other spelling methods.

The word: Potscherfstroom the second most used name after 1950 is thus a combination of the words: Pot (Potgieter), Scherf (skerf, a piece of, brokent Matabele pots or pieces found along the mooiriver), stroom (the Mooirivier or stream).

The word: Potchefstroom the most used after 1950 is today the official spelling and was mostly influenced by the many Hollander settlers who used the word "chef" that didn't use the "r" in the spelling. This gives Potchefstroom a whole different meaning.

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Potchefstroom HistoryPotchefstroom History